Day 14 the morning get together was full of excitement & photos pretty much forgetting we actually had another 80 miler in front of us…and as it turned out a few lumps wid way!!

I spent the morning dawdling right at the back soaking up the stunning final day’s scenery while chatting with Mark from North Wales.

The morning 30 miles was pretty flat and the landscape managed farmland with Loch & River Naver dominating the valley we followed up to the Northern coastline of Scotland.



Our final morning brew, which Nikki was now part of included the usual cuppa & Tina’s treats & myself, Webster, Mark & Neil finally stopped talking & remembered the need to cycle…

50 yards later coming to this first sign for JOG where of course we had to dismount, retrieve four cameras and pose for multiple shots!


Finally the last 55 miles were underway!!

Reaching the end of River Naver meant the end of the length of the country, turn right, head east & onto JOG….via multiple 150 metre climbs.



Initially spirits were high & banter with Webster (who was showing off more blue tape on his legs than skin) we stupidly chased each other up the opening hills. 20 miles later there was far less chat & humour as we grimaced and grinded our way up to another top!!

Peak Tours had us all congregate 10 miles before the end & the final miles were a huge peleton causing chaos!! that ran down to the end.

The end came with a sense of relief but not like a normal finish line of a marathon or ironman or race of such, it was an end to a 14 day experience, where every minute of every day had been preoccupied with the tour. I had a book which had never been opened, there was not a minute of awake time that had not been focused on the journey.


From morning rolling, packing, eating (all focused on the body & bike’s needs for the day) through to the evening routine of wifi, checking in with home, social media updates, charging phone/garmin/lights/power bank/, washing & drying of self & kit, blog writing & eating & crashing out by 10:00pm – & repeat for 14 days. Routine & repetition ensured nothing was forgotten, the bike, the body & the fundraising all completed the journey in reasonably good health!

1,589 kms logged on STRAVA (1000 miles)

16,665 metres climbed (Everest x 2)

Longest day 131 kms

Monies Raised: £4819


LEJOG Day 13