Bouncing back from yesterday I ate well, slept well and ate a good breakfast.

Today was another long one but it was all about that hill!

Knowing that we had a tough day even John decided today was a day to pace carefully from the start and make sure there was something for the hill!

I felt so much better from the start and enjoyed the morning and trying to capture it all on film.

The weather today was fab, hazy sun and nice temperature…until after lunch when we started to approach that climb and found ourselves battling a monster head wind.

The hill had a long long gradually rising run up to it and we all tried to decipher through the hills in front of us where this climb was.





The run up and in fact the climb itself would be quite within my comfort having done lots of hill work, however the headwind made it quite a challenge, and the final mile or two were quite brutal.

Following a brew at the Glen Shee ski station we still had a further 25 miles to go. Much downhill however with the headwind this was effectively a continued peddling effort.


And reference must be made to the dreadful topping to the tarmac – no polish – and both body & bike were shaken to bits adding to the endurance.

The whole afternoon was visually stunning, photos on the phone don’t really do it justice.

From moorland scrub with red heathers to greener farmland, woodland & streams lower down.

Highlight of the afternoon was passing the entrance to Balmoral, by which time the phone had died but John has photos hopefully to follow!

It was a long tough day, and the last 20 miles seemed to go on forever but we’re here, just three more days to go!

Hostel accomodation tonight, sharing a dorm with 7! But the amazing news is that the donations has gone through £4000 with a further £100 being added just today, the support via Facebook with likes, comments & then the donations has provided a real morale boost.



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