Day 6 – last night Captain Caveman entered the LEJOG dormitory at the YHA and the 5 of us who have become quite comfortable with each other where hit with this monster who crashed & banged his way through the bathroom, and then snored and snorted all night, his alarm went off at 6:45, he climbed down off his bunk dressed, left and the rest of us caught 15 minutes sleep.

With the frustration of the night before I blasted off from the morning briefing with John on my back wheel and we screamed through the quite opening route, which was pretty simple, A488 for 18 miles to the morning brew stop!

I probably paid for it later but clocked an average speed of 30km for the morning ride, not exactly long distance endurance pace but a blast anyway….and look at that downhill section from 15 to 20 miles in the elevation chart above….yee-har!

The day was pretty uneventful – or maybe I was tired.

Shrewsbury was pretty….including the Quantum Lead sculpture…

img_3103 img_3102

The roads included bigger, faster A roads which are less comfortable and require more attention but on the whole these went without drama, the countryside didn’t seem to compare with the days before, maybe it was the weather (very overcast) or maybe me being tired! The final 10 miles was a real slog, long ride today and we felt it but the Holiday Inn beckoned and seeing Nikki & Sharon rather than the YHA, Captain Caveman and his snoring gave us plenty of motivation to crack on!

Tomorrow is an awkward day ahead, lots of Navigation, lots of Urban roads, but a nice end as I understand it…then the Lakes & Scotland beckon.

If you are not willing...