Day 5 is described as the easiest day of the tour, at 58 miles (90kms) and 1000m of elevation that’s a pretty good, long training ride in Sussex!!

The day started as most seem to with a big opening hill to test or wake the legs.

Once started I decided that today would be a good day at my own pace, and not holding on with the lead group, and also with some town & navigation to negotiate south of Hereford while a group is more visible I feel more comfortable on my own & can manage the relationships with cars!!

So on my own I kept the pace comfortable & enjoyed the stunning views.


It’s amazing how grasses, farmers fields, and trees & woodland can look so different through the counties. From Cornwall, Devon, Dartmoor, Somerset, Monmouth & Shropshire the landscape keeps changing & today was often breathtaking & sometimes I had to check myself and remember this wasn’t France, or New Zealand or anywhere else abroad, I was at home in England.

img_3087 img_3095

58 miles covered, and barely an A road touched, again the route delivered a great day.

And so to Clun, tonight’s accomodation is s small YHA hostel, a converted mill. Being first to arrive I’ve managed a shower and some hand washing before others have reached us, and no phone signal nor wi-fi means some of the evening rituals will have to wait for tomorrow!


Dinner will be in one of two pubs, hopefully with wi-fi to upload this blog and some photos!

And my room is bunks, shared with 6 blokes!

5 down, 9 to go!

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