The morning started by contacting Nikki and wishing her Happy 20th Wedding Anniversary!

Then straight on the roller to massage tired legs, shower, dressed and down to breakfast for cereal, juice and Poached Eggs on Brown!

Routine really helps when there is so much to remember, and you get tired, lots of kit to sort and to be honest not that much time! I brought a book – what was I thinking!!

So I am starting to follow an evening and a morning ritual just to make sure I’m looking after self, gadgets, bike, social media etc etc.

I felt tired this morning, and was a little wary of the route through Bristol, hitting main roads & volume of traffic etc. The route however is so brilliantly planned that really my fears were unfounded and I had a great day.

We left Street and as we winded our way to Glastonbury town – very pretty – who knew there was more than a festival here! There was a stunning looking Tor on the hillside but shrouded in cloud so not easy to see. Sure it’s quite a sight on a good day!

Next stop was Wells Cathedral, what a stunning place, we didn’t have time to take it all in but most definately somewhere that I’ll come back to to visit and explore properly.


From Wells a “steep climb” was on the Navigation notes and while it was steep it was manageable but it also had a brilliant false top….you thought you were there, rolled downhill and got yourself ready for a great descent and round the next corner, up it went again – brilliant!

That was the legs well warmed up!

Lots of Navigation today, but that really kept us away from busy roads which when considering our target was both Clifton and The Severn Bridge that was quite a task but so worth the detours.

Routes NCN 3, Sustrans Route 334 and NCN 4 – hats off to whoever created these routes.

Bristol included Ashton Court Estate, the amazing and stunning Clifton Suspension Bridge, the beautiful houses and buildings of Clifton and then after some residential streets and cycle ways running alongside busy A roads we closed in on the Severn Road Bridge.

img_3056 img_3058

img_3063 img_3062

Of course there is no other time you might cross the Bridge outside of a car….it was a beautiful still, slightly hazy day but it was quite surreal. What was amazing was when I stopped for some photos how much the bridge shakes with the big lorries going past….engineering and ongoing maintenance must be massive.

img_3067 img_3073

After the bridge we entered Wales of course, with a mixture of cycle routes running alongside busy roads and then ending on the A road to Monmouth with traffic that was quick, but reasonably light and fairly respectful.

This route brought its own quite stunning scenery…from Tintern Abbey where we had the last brew stop through and up the Wye Valley, amazing how different to Devon, Cornwall and the Somerset Levels – very beautiful with my favourite photo to date:


Day 4 – done. Feel great, my mate Phil is on his way up from Bristol to say hi which will be nice. Generally feeling alright, bit tired! Social Media engagement with friends and family has really helped, god bless Facebook! The support has been terrific, and the donations page keeps ticking up which is just brilliant.

£3593 –


You may see me struggle...