Today started with some good slopes, like yesterday literally straight into a climb without warm up! It was long, but the gradient steady and manageable.

Of course what goes up – leads to some awesome descents.

This run from Morehampstead to Exeter is actually part of Friday’s Tour of Britain road race.

After a great run of three climbs, one pushing 16% was a tester, we reached Exeter…thankfully I am using a Garmin for navigation with all the routes pre-loaded thanks to the great team from Peak Tours, and this was a great £50 spend.

After Exeter and morning tea, we spent the rest of the morning in rolling beautiful countryside down deserted lanes.

Lunch was at a pub and then what for the first time in the past three days was described as a very steep hill in the navigation notes….having not read very steep to date this sounded like trouble! Yep, it was quite a climb but these are great challenges, the legs are strong, and this is part of the challenge – love it!

Following a bit of a mad peleton bash when for some reason myself, John and Pete “the Spanish Pro” decided we were in the Tour of Britain until I called time remembering what we were here for! We reached the Somerset Levels and some lovely quiet, flat, unused paths which was good to see / experience, quite unique geography.




I was tired at the end, but now rolled / hot bath / washing / good feed and after a good nights sleep with be good for tomorrow.

The great news is that every day we are still receiving further donations and who knows we might manage to finance two rather than just one fully integrated entertainment system for the Royal Alex.

You may see me struggle...