Today was THE day, it’s the one billed as the hardest…not sure what Wales, The Lakes & Scotland will have to say about that! but at the moment, today is THE day!

We left Fowey by ferry which is always nice, crossing the water, looking back on the little village.

Crossing Fowey

First instructions…up the slipway, turn left, hit the hill!

Well that’s a wake-up call for tired cold legs! To be honest it was fine, it was a good gradient, quite long but the legs are good and it certainly warmed everything up!

The great thing about Sussex is that we have plenty of hills to train on, most 100km rides would include 1000m of elevation, I have Truleigh Hill which is 5km of a reasonable climb literally behind my house and just 10km away is the Steyning Bostal which is a bit more of a challenge averaging 17% at the top but turns out absolutely great training. I haven’t had the time for lots of kms recently (apart from weekends) but I have been popping out and covering 400+ metres of elevation on a regular basis, which is proving good prep.

Well I say not much kms…STRAVA tells me I’ve done over 4000 kms YTD! and will be over 5000 kms by the end!

Following the opening hill the route was just amazing, the research that has gone into this route is amazing, we’re on country lanes that even the locals don’t seem to know about! Yes there are some busy roads & cities that just can’t be avoided but overall it’s great!

Today included a coastal route to Plymouth, some great hills, another ferry across the Tamar, the Sustrans 27 cycle route from Plymouth to Yelverton was just fab, brand new tarmac through forest, & countryside which seemed miles away from civilisation or traffic.


IMG_2980 (1)


River Tamar

The weather was pretty grim, constant low cloud and drizzle but thankfully warm, so we just kept cool & wet with cycle jerseys.

Of course it was THE day…and all day I was prepping for whatever that meant….having finished and looked at the profile we obviously climbed up to Dartmoor and that was THE big bit after some earlier climbs in the day softening us up too. But the climb was fog bound, so we couldn’t see how far we were climbing, we just had to get on with it and try to stay visible to traffic.

Following afternoon tea in fog we pressed on, there was a final climb but the legs are good, and then we were on the top of Dartmoor, the clouds & fog were just lifting, there was a hint of blue, a rainbow and visibility allowed me to see across a large part of the moor.

IMG_2998 (1)

IMG_3002 (1)

And across the top is undulating, fast descents providing enough momentum to get up most of the inclines….just sheep & cattle roaming free to keep an eye out for!

And then I arrived at my B&B, met the lovely Laurie and I cracked on with my evening routine!

Look after self: chocolate milk + banana + rolling + shower

Look after kit: hand wash day’s kit, squeeze dry, hang

Re-Charging: battery chargers for iphone, garmin navigation, power bank, tablet, lights

Look after bike: check over, clean running gear and lubricate if required

Look after Social Media: Facebook, Twitter for Andrew Nash & Sussex Promo promoting fundraising

Head out for dinner, treat to a local pint!

Write Blog.


LEJOG 2016 - Day 1