So long story short it changed from JOGLAND (heading North to South) to LEJOG (heading South to North) – there wasn’t the commitment from the JOGLAND crowd!

So we’re on….




The route: 984 miles and about enough elevation to clear Everest twice!

Day 1        Sunday                       Lands End to Fowey                       64 miles

Day 2        Monday                       Fowey to Moretonhampstead         61 miles

Day 3        Tuesday                      M’hampstead to Street                     72 miles

Day 4        Wednesday                Street to Monmouth                          64 miles

Day 5        Thursday                     Monmouth to Clun                             58 miles

Day 6        Friday                          Clun to Runcorn                                 79 miles

Day 7        Saturday                     Runcorn to Conder Green               70 miles

Day 8        Sunday                       Conder Green to Keswick               60 miles

Day 9        Monday                       Keswick to Moffat                               73 miles

Day 10      Tuesday                      Moffat to Kinross                               80 miles

Day 11      Wednesday                Kinross to Ballater                            82 miles

Day 12      Thursday                     Ballater to Inverness                        73 miles

Day 13      Friday                          Inverness to The Crask                    66 miles

Day 14      Saturday                     The Crask to John O’Groats           82 miles

Watch this space, more will follow!

Who do you choose to be?
LEJOG 2016 - Day 1