Yes of course working on the golf handicap would probably make far more sense and while a challenge, isn’t a challenge like this sort of challenge!

I’m not ready for another Marathon…would like to do a big IRONMAN branded event, but dread the marathon! So needed something new, something else in the nutty endurance category!!

So amongst the gang at BTRS there is an event called JOGLAND which was last run in 2014.

JOGLAND – John O’Groats to Lands End – the scenic route – 1009 miles – 11 days – 9 hundred mile days followed by a couple of shorter days through Cornwall.

Hundred mile rides are the Marathons of Cycling…so this is 2 weeks of Marathons….yep, must be mad!

Map to Follow….

and a great opportunity for raising some money for a great cause:

Life after Ironman! Marathon PB :)
Who do you choose to be?