Grit & Determination.

I don’t excel, I wasn’t born with the genetics of an elite athlete, I don’t posses extraordinary skills:

  • I swam for the school, nothing special – nothing since
  • I’m no cyclist – I bought my first adult road bike for Xmas 2012, and I’ve struggled to find the power
  • I’m not much of a runner – 2 marathons (12 years apart) neither below 4 hours

So why an IRONMAN……

because without any special skills it can still be done, I might not be close to elite, but by doing it proves to me I can do what few can do.

Why create a business when you can be employed, at school I wasn’t the A grade student, I just worked bloody hard and got what I got, when surrounded by the gifted, I proved I can, I took that risk, and only four per cent of business owners ever reach a turnover in excess of £1m.

William Arthur Ward:-  If you can Imagine IT, you can Achieve IT, if you can DREAM IT, you can BECOME IT. 

The words from the Video by Mateusz that I share in this blog “Best for Motivation” are so powerful….

I strive to be the “best that I can be”….and that creates challenge and disappointment in oneself, I’m not the best husband, the best Dad, the best boss, the best friend, the best athlete….each one in truth conflicts on the other, trying to create a business that pays for the private school that is one of my aspirations as a father in turn makes me absent and therefore not the best dad or husband…

Finding triathlon by accident has been a fantastic discovery, taking on the Ironman distance is perhaps the closest “tangible” that demonstrates just what is possible through change/attitude/training/coaching/discipline/investing in self….if the same dedication was applied elsewhere almost any dream could be achieved.

That leaves just the question, are we happy with where we are, what we have, where we are going, how we look, feel etc.

Yes….carry on and enjoy.

No….I have one life, I want to achieve X, I have a DREAM – then without doubt YOU CAN LIVE YOUR DREAM….but you’ve got to take the first step and keep on.

What’s next for me….I’m a husband, a father and a boss….time to take some of the lessons from the past six months and redirect the focus, I do have a dream, but husband, father and boss, if I can do them to the best that I can be….will lead into that dream, and with it this blog will one day evolve into the trials and tribulations of…..Farmer Nash.

Oh…and a 10km ‘marathon’ swim River Dart, September 14th.

Forestman Race Report