1. 3 Charities
  2. £3000 Fundraising Target
  3. 3 Sports

Charity 3: Fairlawn – Please Click Here to Donate

There are so many charities touching all of our lives doing great things to support our friends and families.

The IRONMAN is a huge personal challenge, I really question if this time I really have bitten off more than I can chew, but as the saying goes:


For me my choice of 3 Charities is very personal…the Cancer centre that is looking after my friend, the children’s charity that put my son back together after his tumble and my third, Fairlawn.

I’ve mentioned my son, I have two teenage boys, my cousin Alex also has a teenage son, Marcus, who is a month younger than my Harry.

Sadly Marcus was diagnosed as being Autistic as a young boy, and while very happy, and hugely loved by his amazing family, the care and watching he needs is 24/7 compared with other 15 year olds who think they know it all and fight for their independence!


Marcus isn’t going to gain that independence and as a result neither will his mum & dad. For them Fairlawn is the little bit of support that gives them some down time and together time to do things they can’t do with Marcus.

Fairlawn is a large house in Ashford, Kent where children and young people can go for short residential breaks, Marcus has been staying for short breaks for much of his life, he loves it and the family know while he is here he is safe and very happy.

Our small donation to Fairlawn will allow them to invest in new equipment which  they hadn’t budgeted for, hopefully something special, which will make the kids smile….I’ll let you know but I don’t want to ask just in case we don’t make it happen!

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