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Charity 1: Sussex Cancer Fund – Please Click Here to Donate

With 1 in every 3 people in the UK diagnosed with some form of cancer we are all at some point touched by this horrendous disease.

I lost two grandparents, two awesome, strong, inspirational individuals.

For the first time in 20+ years, for which I guess small mercies, Cancer has returned and hit a really close family friend. When a mate goes on a family holiday to Cornwall, the last thing you expect is a text that says his wife has had emergency surgery, is in Intensive Care, and the removed tumor is cancer.

The world stops, fear grips, questions go unanswered, tears flow.


The Sussex Cancer Centre provides all non-surgical treatments and support for cancer patients in a calm, friendly environment, providing specialist cancer information and advice, counselling services, complementary therapies and help with physical activity.

A new building for the centre is about to start being built, The Macmillan Cancer Support Centre – the building will cost £5.96m, with Macmillan contributing nearly £3.96m, with the Sussex Cancer Fund raising the balance and ongoing commitments for the running of the centre from Charitable donations.

Macmillan area fundraising manager Robert Moon said: “A team of specialists at the new centre will offer all round support for people living with cancer in a calm, friendly and welcoming environment – so no one in Sussex has to face cancer alone.”

Fiona McKinna from the Sussex Cancer Centre, said: “Being told you or someone you love has cancer can leave you feeling shocked, upset and isolated and you or your family may need support or help with practical things that matter to you before, during and after treatment.

“This centre will help provide this crucial support and ensure patients and their families have the best possible experience at what is a difficult time.”

The new centre is expected to open in spring 2015.

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