It’s a common question “which watch” and I think a simple answer, but I have nothing to compare it with so I can’t offer a comparison.

I like a toy, and the 910XT I think is my best toy, EVER!


Love it, love it love it.


Quite simply it is the easiest gadget in the world to use and set-up, yep you barely need to look at the instructions which has to be a good thing – right?!

And once used, it syncs so easily with software through a little USB dongle called the ANT+

For triathletes there is a pack which provides a different strap so you detach from wrist and attach to bike using the bike attachment, a heart rate monitor and strap, and ¬†cadence sensor….all really useful tri training kit.

Negatives: it’s expensive for sure and it’s bulky


  1. Syncs with Garmin Connect online where all data is visible, reportable, comparable etc.
  2. Garmin Connect allows courses to be planned and then sent to device
  3. Syncs with Training Peaks to keep the coach updated
  4. Syncs with Strava which is great for segment splits, cups and challenges
  5. Triathlon mode, press the lap button each time start, enter, leave transitions and records all the three sports and displays relavent screens for each event


IRONMAN Week 4/24