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See yourself becoming the person you want to be… Mateusz M and Eric Thomas (

Another great video from Mateusz…

Grit & Determination. I don’t excel, I wasn’t born with the genetics of an elite athlete, I don’t posses extraordinary skills: I swam for the school, nothing special – nothing since I’m no cyclist – I bought my first adult road bike for Xmas 2012, and I’ve struggled to find the power I’m not much of a runner – 2 marathons (12 years apart) neither below 4 hours So why an IRONMAN…… because without any special skills it can still…

I’ve found some really inspirational videos….love this one….especially for those that ask “Why?” …..because we don’t get to choose how and when we die……but we do get to choose how we LIVE. One Life….LIVE IT.

Ironman is relentless, headphones on, press play, watch and GO!

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